Ozsaf Tekstil İnşaat Gıda Enerji A.Ş. aims to contribute to the regional development of our country and continues to expand its investment network with its experience of more than 20 years in the yarn and 5 years the dyed fabric industry. Ozsaf Tekstil İnşaat Gıda Enerji A.Ş. has determined its principle for customer satisfaction and sustainable quality with its professional team that brings innovative approaches to developing challenges and needs, required for innovative production, employment and export of value-added products.


Production, which starts by choosing the most suitable fiber in line with customer demand, continues with circular knitting machines and ends with state-of-the-art finishing implementation.While we control every stage of production meticulously, we do not exceed the deadlines we give to our customers.

Single Knit Fabric

Double Knit Fabric

Fantasy Fabric


By choosing the most suitable fiber, we meet the expectations and show our gratitude to nature with respect we have for it at all stages of production.While setting innovation targets, we do not forget the standards of the traditional place where it comes from.


Customer demands received by our professional teams are carefully controlled at all stages of production and met unconditionally along with reliability is ensured with international certificate programs.


It is our philosophy to create employment, improve our market diversity and gain a place in the international arena by providing foreign currency inflows to our country through the export of value-added products.